SPARK Publications works with “authorpreneurs” (author entrepreneurs) to independently publish their books at high-quality, highly creative, and highly effective standards. That’s what our team does for our clients via custom books, magazines, catalogs, and promotional marketing materials. And as an entrepreneurial business, we understand the need for collaboration to express your vision and for maintaining 100 percent ownership of your book. Our team guides you through the entire process (and even holds your hand if needed). You do not need to learn a new industry; you have enough to do.

STEP ONE: If you are interested in learning more about independent custom publishing with SPARK Publications, use this form to request our info-packed 30-minute introductory video. It will answer many of your initial questions.

STEP TWO: After you watch the video, we will gladly answer a question or two via our contact form about our publishing processes (in case the answer to your question was omitted from the video). If you’d like to go in depth about how to make your book more successful and marketable, and any and all steps to do so, then after the video look for the “Take the Next Step” section and options to purchase a strategy session at a reduced rate. From there you can schedule a one-on-one with Fabi Preslar, our firm’s president, to focus specifically on your book, its audience, and your purpose and goals.

Our publishing costs for most books (which include consulting, final editing, cover and interior design, layout, prepress production, final proofreading, book assets, and marketing and distribution planning) typically start at around $8,000. We aren’t a fit for everyone and hope your book and our services will be a good fit for collaboration in the near future.

Enjoy the video! We look forward to your strategy session.

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